I’ll be the first to admit I’m a straight-up sucker for gifts with purchase.  I love the thought of buying a couple of things, but getting A BOX FULL OF THINGS instead.  It’s a cheap thrill.  Or more accurately, a free thrill.

A lot of times, gifts with purchase are useless little samples designed to rope customers into spending money on something they don’t want.. but after loading up on hideous department store freebies as a teen, I’ve come up with a few rules for myself:

1. Always buy something useful to ‘earn’ the free item.

2. Don’t jump for the freebie unless it’s something I already like, or am very interested to try.

My best tip is to keep a shopping list of makeup and tools you use and replace regularly (for me it’s Clarisonic brush heads, Make Up For Ever foundation and concealers, nail files, new Essie polishes and hair products.)  When some amazing gift with purchase comes up, I have a legitimate NEED to spend the money and earn some free swaaaag.

And with that, I announce my two newest freebie shipments from Clinique and Sephora.  (I should have posted on this sooner, since I think the Clinique promo is over.. sorry homies!)

Here’s my Sephora haul:

I spent, I think, around $40 on this fine array.  I bought the Make Up For Ever concealer, Sephora primer (now entering the ring in my primer battles – more on that later), Tokidoki nail tattoos (can’t stop loving the cuteness) and the Sephora Hot Hues neon lip balm.  My three free samples were the Dior serum, MUFE HD primer (I already use it, but this little packet will be handy for traveling), and a daily face peel.  I got the Fresh Sugar Kisses duo free as a birthday gift, and the Benefit Bella Bamba blush free with 100 Sephora Beauty Insider points.  The Tokidoki eyeshadow (in Diamante) was a gift with $25 purchase promo.

And then there was Clinique.  I can’t find their eyeshadow duo in Coffee Shop in any store anywhere, but the colors are so good with my skin.  They’re the perfect warm neutrals, and I will love them til the night closes in.  Clinique has such killer gifts with purchase that I added the eye makeup remover SORT OF on a whim.  I’ve been half-assedly looking for one, and Clinique’s had great reviews.

So for a total of around $45, I got these bad boys PLUS a fancy bag full of excitement.

What’s in there, you say?  Another eyeshadow duo (Lucky Penny and Chocolate Chip), Moisture Surge Intense, Repairwear Laser Focus, All About Eyes Serum mini rollerball, Lash Doubling Mascara, and the ol’ Chubby Stick in Mega Melon.  Yessss.

My favorite things about freebies are that I get to try a bunch of new things, and they’re usually small enough to stuff in my purse.  Also, I like that they are free.

With that, let me point you toward for their “15 Days of Thrills” promotion… 12 days left with a new gift with purchase daily.  And‘s not looking too shabby with their 5-piece Philosophy gift set with purchase.  Get your freeloading on, friends.



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