Battle of the Primers

Primer makes my face look nice.  My first go at using a foundation primer was at my wedding, when I was assured it would keep my makeup in place for several hours of photos, hugs and cake.  It did, but I wasn’t visually overwhelmed with the difference.  In fact, I didn’t REALLY buy into it until the weather started heating up.  Foundation sat streaky on my shiny cheeks and forehead, and clung to my sunglasses when I took them off.. sheer terror.

That’s when I decided to take a few primers into a head-to-head battle royale.  I haven’t declared a winner yet (and I’ve got handfuls of primer samples waiting in my bathroom), but let me introduce you to my current contestants:

Make Up For Ever HD Primer


  • Smells faintly like bubble solution.  Could also be considered a con, if you hate bubbles and childhood joys.
  • Colorless
  • Satiny texture that smooths skin, and makes blending easy


  • On the pricier side.  $34 for the big guy, $16 for this lipgloss-sized tube.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance


  • Adds a pretty glow to skin
  • Smooth texture, easy to brush foundation over it


  • Pretty glow is mostly covered up when you layer foundation on top
  • “Glow” can easily come off as “greaseball” if you’re naturally oily or sweaty.
  • $30 for 1.7 oz

Sephora ‘Tricks of the Trade’ Anti-Shine Primer


  • A bargain – currently on sale for $5 at Sephora
  • COMPLETELY matte face after applying – only a “pro” if you’re into that look


  • Heavily scented and smells like Axe body spray (in a bad way, if that isn’t clear.)
  • Bizarre, sticky-dry texture, like Elmer’s school glue
  • Foundation just sits on top – this primer doesn’t allow for blending at all!

Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer


  • Lightly tinted, so it evens out complexion even before applying foundation
  • Feels light, smooth, and non-greasy
  • Rather inexpensive indeed – $6.59 on sale at Ulta now


  • Tinted primer takes a little more attention to apply evenly (can’t blindly slather it on in the morning like colorless)
  • Medium-colored tint works fine on my skin, but would probably be harsh on lighter complexions

For now, my daily go-to’s are MUFE and Rimmel London.  Sephora “Tricks of the Trade” is headfirst in the trash can, but I’m going to regret it if I ever need to sop up an oil slick in a hurry.

What about you, ‘net friends?  What’s your primer of choice this Memorial Day Weekend?



3 thoughts on “Battle of the Primers

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