10-second review: Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

I got suckered into Kat Von D Everlasting Love Lipstick ($19) on a store trip to Sephora.  I was checking out some bright lip colors, and a saleslady suggested this brand.  I’d brushed it off as another cheap celebrity makeup line, but saleslady was watching me and I felt rude not even TRYING it.  I should go back and thank her.

I tried it in Jeffree (hot coral pink) and it blew my mind.  It’s super wet in the tube and looks like any other lip gloss.. but putting it on, I swear, is like nailpolish for your lips – in good AND bad ways.

The pros:

  • Goes on wet, so if you go slow, it’s easy to get it where you need it
  • Dries quickly, and ends up superbright and pretty matte
  • Stays on forever (for ever ever?  FOR EVER EVER!)  Seriously unbeatable longevity

The cons:

  • Like nail polish, if you make a mistake – you’ve got to get it off quick or you’re stuck with it.  And this stuff is on your FACE.  (Tip: keep your mouth open while the lipstick is drying into place, so it sticks on the insides of your lips too.)
  • Super difficult to get it off when you DO want it off.  I usually go at it with a facial cleanser, and then maybe a moisturizer if I need to.
  • I wouldn’t say it dries my lips out, but I WILL say that having absolutely perfect lips is a MUST before you put this stuff on.  Exfoliate and moisturize, or this lipstick will fill and emphasize every line, wrinkle and crack in your lips.  And you will look like an insane old woman.
  • After awhile, the pigment starts to settle in the tube (much like nail polish, again) and even if it looks fine, you need to shake it up.  Otherwise, the color applies unevenly.

Despite the warnings, I LOVE this lipstick and it’s on top of my list for long maintenance-free days.  (I wear it so much, I happen to have a picture of it on my dopey smile!)  I never have to touch it up, but I do bring a clear chapstick or balm and pat it on top of the lipstick if my lips dry out.

Kat Von D, you have my heart.



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