Best Stuff: Eye Cream

When I was younger, eye cream was the absolute last thing on my mind.  I figured it was for older, sagging people.  People named RuthAnn, whose husbands were old guys named Ted, and their houses smelled like dust and wilted roses.  Smelly or not, I so wish RuthAnn had been my friend in college, because I would’ve looked worlds better in all those facebook tags.

Eye cream is now a serious staple in my skin care regimen.  But it took awhile to find the right one.  A few years ago, I had settled on Clinique All About Eyes Rich ($29) and Skyn Iceland Eye Cream ($45).  They both moisturized well, and Skyn seemed to tighten things up around my eyes.  They were sufficient.


But then came summer.  And pictures.  And big, squinting smiles into the sun.  And the completely horrible and shocking moment when I saw for the first time: under-eye wrinkles.  I’d noticed them before, when my eyes had puffed up due to cat allergies, heavy drinking, or crying.. but these ones were showing themselves in the day.  Brazenly.  Mockingly.

I admit I freaked out a little, but it was me vs. the wrinkles, so I had to armor up.  I headed to Sephora to seek out the next level.  That’s when I found my personal holy grail: Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream ($40).

This cream, I am convinced, makes me look seven years younger around the eyes.  The mini-wrinkles have vanished, my skin is moisturized and smooth, and my dark circles are more like medium-colored circles.  The huge benefit is that my concealer actually conceals completely, and without creasing.

I literally can’t praise this product enough.  Cliché  or not, I only regret not trying it sooner… because now, I’m storming this summer’s photos like:



4 thoughts on “Best Stuff: Eye Cream

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