Best Stuff: Water Bottles

Ok, I realize this is way off from what I normally blog about – but I sincerely love my water bottle and really need to share it.  I’m so obsessed, I’ve given these bottles as gifts to literally every one of my family members.

Being an avid internet creeper, I found myself engrossed in a documentary about plastic water bottles a couple of years ago.  I’ve read, in passing, that you shouldn’t keep disposable bottles in a warm car because chemicals can leak into the water and can cause breast cancer.  Horrible.  But there’s about a million other little ways that disposable plastic bottles can negatively affect you, and the environment.  I won’t get preachy now, but if you’re interested, here’s a video by Vice about where plastic goes when it floats into the ocean, and here’s a short article about how the chemicals in plastic affect women.  Ick.

Anyway, I decided it was time to help out in a little way and get a reusable bottle.  I needed one that could keep drinks cold, hold juices (or let’s be real here, vodka red bull), and hopefully looked decent.  I’m no square!  I ended up at Good Life Bottles.  My favorite thing about them is that they’re recyclable – not a lot of reusable bottles can say that – and I’ve only had to recycle one so far.  My also favorite thing about them is that they’re a cool, honest company.  Their bottles have a “limited lifetime warranty,” and when the bottom fell off my heavily used bottle, they sent me two new ones because they didn’t have my color any more.  That’s love.

These water bottles look cute in a bunch of colors, they keep drinks cold (or hot) for hours, they never give off a metallic taste or scent, and they’re completely non-toxic.  OH, and dishwasher safe (except the cap).  Miracle bottle, seriously.

The 1000mL Venture Bottle ($29.95), 700mL Traveler Bottle ($26.95) and 500mL Go Bottle are on Good Life’s website at  I should also add that they’re available at Target in blue and red, but the Target ones aren’t covered by the warranty.. and they’re also oddly leaky (my original Good Life bottles never leak at all).  Buy directly from the website if you get ’em!

Stay healthy, friends.


*As a side note, I realize my blog posts are often about random products, and usually very positive reviews.  I want to let it be known that I haven’t been paid or compensated by any of these companies, and I’m genuinely in love with all of my “best stuff”s.  What we have together is the real deal!


The Best Smells I Know About

A husband and a kid add unexpected, unidentified, and very un-glamorous smells to every possible living space.  I don’t expect to walk into a lightly perfumed European boutique hotel everyday, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it.

I’m not particularly a scent snob – I like candles that smell like baked goods, fruit and flowers – but I can’t stand weird artificial “ocean,” “breeze,” or “country” ones.  I find the chemical scent of air fresheners (I’m looking at YOU, Febreze air) completely abrasive and irritating.  And I hate when a candle smells great on its own, but doesn’t do anything when it burns (Yankee and Bath & Body Works = guilty).

A few years ago, though, I got a game-changing Christmas gift from my boss.  It was a snuggie.  And that was amazing.  But she also threw in a super cute “Mandarin Woods” scented candle.  And THAT was even better.

Bella by Illume candles (sold at Target, $10.39) are designer-scented, highly concentrated and adorably packaged.  The scents are dimensional, interesting and sophisticated; they smell better than most perfumes.  More importantly – you can actually smell them while they burn, and the scent lingers after the candle’s put out. I haven’t found one I don’t like!

  • Winter Berry is probably my favorite during fall/winter.  It smells like just like holidays at home – like warm apples, cinnamon, and a Christmas tree.
  • Mandarin Woods smells like a monastery full of clean hipsters.
  • Vanilla Amber smells like a warm summer night in a fancy hotel with finely pressed high thread count linens.
  • Brazilian Orange smells like having a blood orange mimosa during an expensive salon shampoo.
  • Stardust Peony smells like boutique shopping with that awesome girl friend you want to be like.
  • Island Moonlight smells like a hot dude drinking a mojito.
They’re packaged two ways, in the tins (as shown above) and in open glasses – both make great gifts, but the glasses tend to build up ugly soot when they’re burned.  Also, like all candles, they smell kinda bad when you blow them out, so a lid is a huge advantage.
And if you can’t find the candles, the oil diffusers ($15.39 at Target) smell the same, but a little fainter.

Small price to pay for a little ambiance.


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Rifling under my bathroom sink for a lipliner, I realized it was time for some late spring cleaning.  My favorite eyeshadows went unused because they had sunken under impulse buys and lipstick colors that looked better in-store.  I built up momentum with a Hoarders marathon, and rampaged heartlessly through my collection.  (This doesn’t include my everyday-use makeup or giant eyeshadow palettes.. those are for another day.)

This is just the under-the-sink reserves!

With soulless eyes, I surveyed the piles on my bedroom floor.


For the record, the two MUFE foundations (#145 and #150), are for my varying levels of tan.


Eyeliners and Mascara:


And after much thought,

You’re OUT:

  • Urban Decay loose pigment eyeshadow in Gunmetal – brown eyes with grey shadow isn’t flooring me
  • Two old NYC Liquid Eyeliners in brown and black
  • Unused Tokidoki for Smashbox eyeshadow palette – sherbet pastels are NOT doing me any favors, but the packaging was cute enough to fool me
  • Lancome eyeshadow duo (a freebie of the past)
  • Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Dawn and Fate – both extremely unflattering
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara – recently featured as a SKIP item
  • Maybelline Volum’ Express One By One Mascara – bought it because the brush looked cool, but ended up completely lackluster
  • Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara in Electric Blue (what was I even thinking?)
  • Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 02 Light/Medium – much prefer MUFE’s color choices
  • Sally girl bronzer/highlighter
  • Two Jane Eye Zings that look bright in the pot, but work like My Little Pony’s eyeshadows (not at all)
  • An old dark red lipstick that I didn’t even bother to read
  • Mini Murad skin perfecting lotion

I used my Hulk-like fists to gather the handfuls of rejects.  Without a second look, they were gone.  And looking back on it via blog post, I can see that my “ruthless” spring purge barely made a dent.

Next time.