Nature’s First Post is Awkward

Good morning, interwebs, let’s chat.

I’d like to start out by warning you – I’m not a writer, a writing enthusiast, or a journalism major.  I AM a happily relentless consumer, a beauty junkie, a shameless Martha Stewart magazine subscriber, and an upstanding full-time internet inhabitant.  I run my house like a test kitchen (and test living room, bedroom, and bathroom).  I wage wars among my cleaning supplies in a silent quest to find the greatest “stuff” possible.

I started this blog to share the battle, and announce the victors.  (I know.  Now that I’ve started, I can’t let go of this medieval theme.)  My realm of knowledge isn’t too specific; let me give you an idea of what you’ll find reviewed here:  Shoes. Household cleaners. Nail polish. Fonts. Hilarious websites. Makeup. Recipes. Music.

I hope you’ll be impressed.