10-second review: Jeffrey Campbell Perfect Spike

A few days ago, I “seized the sale” and picked up a couple of pairs of greatness.  They arrived a day or two after I placed my order (Solestruck, you know the way to a lady’s heart), but sadly, one pair is on its journey back to the warehouse.

And it’s the Perfect Spike.  Bummer.

I was fully prepared to love this shoe, and grab a couple more colors on sale.. but I guess there’s a reason no one else is scooping these up.  Just like my spiked Litas, these are wonderfully heavy and well-made.  Unlike the Litas, though, there’s not much holding them up!

I’m no stranger to high, high heels – and if a great-looking shoe scrapes by as “barely walkable,” I’ll make it work.  But as much as I love the Perfect Spike’s look, it’s unavoidably dangerous.  Before buying it, I paid no attention to how tiny the ankle strap is.  See that little guy?  Flimsy!

I tried one on and knew immediately that I’d snap that ankle strap right off with a heavy night out in Hollywood.  The shoe is just too weighty, and the platform is high enough to cause a major wipeout without better ankle support.

Sad to see you go, Perfect Spike, (but I love to watch you leave.)



Attention Shoe Fiends!

Solestruck’s 8th Anniversary sale is on now til Sunday, rejoice!

I love Solestruck to death because of their free (and fast) shipping, easy returns and amaaaazing selection.  Best shoe store on the web, according to me.

My original grab-as-I-go shopping cart was a few thousand dollars, so I painstakingly whittled it down to two pairs.  I’m now anxiously awaiting these babies:

Jeffrey Campbell Libby Tick in Black 
$169.95 marked down from $269.95

and Jeffrey Campbell Perfect Spike in Black 
$119.95 marked down from $174.95

All the Perfect Spike colors are SO CUTE it was heartbreaking to pick only one.
(First world problems).

These amazeballs shoes won’t last long with vultures like me grabbing at them, so get going!


All-Day Shoes

Shoes are a blessing and a curse.  (Too dramatic?)

Good-looking shoes rarely cross paths with good-feeling shoes – but once in a while, the wolf cries to the blue corn moon and the grinning bobcat grins, and a great shoe is born.  Here are my three picks for non-orthopedic all-day comfort.

Fancy Day:
Jeffrey Campbell Foxy

Deceptively tall, the platform and chunky heel take the stress out of mega-high heels.  You won’t believe me til you try these on, but they’re impossibly, miraculously comfortable.  What’s better – they come in roughly one million variations of upper fabric and heel materials.  Check some out at Solestruck and Eilatan, prices vary – around $145.

Every Day:
Jeffrey Campbell Mary Roks

Mary Roks (around $100) might be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of shoe.  Looking at this picture, they’re a little homely, but there’s something I love about the big chunky boot look (maybe it’s because they make my legs look tiny in comparison?)  Either way, I swear by wedges, and these are dead comfortable.  They even make the cut for weekend hangover shoes, when I grudgingly leave the house to pick up food.  Minimum effort, maximum payoff.

Adventure Day:
Nike Free Run iD

I have never been a gym-shoes-outside-of-the-gym girl.  I leave that to tourists, old people and occasionally fashion editorials.  But on overseas trips, I consider it absolutely necessary to wander by foot, and that leaves me pretty limited on shoe choices.  Wedges can get me through a long day, but not through several miles on cobblestone streets.
So I resigned myself to sneakers, and after a long search, couldn’t find anything I would happily wear with jeans.  Then I found Nike iD – the online service that lets you design your own shoes (a total bargain at $130).  FYI, Reebok has a similar service called Your Reebok.  I built a pair of Nike Free Runs, and lived happily ever after.

SO happily ever after.


A Post for All My Lazy F*cks

As long as we’re being honest here, I have to tell you – I do not look good everyday.  In fact, a couple of days a week, I don’t even try to look decent.

I see a lot of really lovely OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) posts on other blogs, and I can say without pause that I will never be that girl.  Wanna know why?  Because my Outfit Of The Day is often a tank top, socks, undies and MAYBE some pants, if it’s cold.  I am seriously fantastic at slumming.

In achieving my (ugly) cocoon state, I rely on these staples:

  1. Old t-shirt or tank top.  Old is comfy.  If not old, then Local Celebrity, because they use a cotton jersey that feels like a damn baby seal’s fur.  Super soft, amusing graphics, and lady-shaped (the key  to not looking like a moping pile of rags on lazy days.)
  2. Honeydew lace trim rayon/spandex undies.  Seriously the best combination of good-looking and comfy available.  (Even the LACE is soft and stretchy!) They come in about a million exciting color combos, so you’ll never be bored.  The only drawback is they’re not dryer-friendly.
  3. Socks, if necessary.  I don’t especially love socks, but I HATE dry heels.  After slathering some lotion on my feet, I can either put socks on, or walk around leaving lotion footprints and collecting lint and crumbs.  So, ok, socks.  Juicy Couture knee socks are what’s up.  They’re like a sock bred with a slipper – super warm and thick.  When I’m at home, they’re substitute pants.. and when I travel someplace cold, I pack a week’s worth – because these things will SAVE YOUR LIFE on the East coast!
  4. I’m not saying this tee-underwear-sock combo is a good look (let me be the first to tell you, it is absolutely not), but add a pair of pants and you’re passable.  Just passable enough to answer the door for the UPS guy.  I go with Juicy Couture velour pants (in the original leg style – the UPS guy doesn’t care if I have “skinnies” or “flares” on.)  Ridiculously comfortable pants.  Like wearing a blanket on each leg.

I get away with a day or two of this per week because I’m a freelancer, and because keeping the house cleaned can keep me home for a solid day a week.  For the laziest dressers ever, this is a 5-second morning – cover up what needs covering, and get on with the day.

Living in LA and considering myself a “real” adult, I can’t bring myself to wear sweats in public any more.  I have no shame about shuffling around my house in my dirtball get-up, but I have an invisible line drawn at the front door.  Real pants for the mailbox, no exceptions.

I’m all about the girls who can pull off the pj’s-in-public look, though.. so if that’s you, OWN IT!  I know in college this would’ve been a maximum effort show-stopper of an outfit for me.